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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Venice (Venezia) really needs no introduction. When to go to Venice?Venice’s quietest season is winter. You’re unlikely to find Venice empty of tourists at any time, but late autumn and the first part of the winter are the best times to come if you want to avoid the crowds and take advantage of cheaper hotel rates. This is the best time to see a (relatively) touristfree Venice - but be prepared for icy temperatures and mists. In January and February the two-week-long Carnival is one of Venice’s big attractions and the crowds flock in - it is even more important at this time to book a hotel well in advance. There are masks and parties; it’s a bit tamer now, though, than the decadent excesses of the past. As the spring turns into summer, tourist numbers rise; and Venice in the height of summer is avoided by many; August can be swelteringly hot. The Venice Film Festival takes place in late August and early September.

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